A New Experience……

A new process begins by becoming familiar with your team.  This guides you through a thought process.  Team 62 began working together on Friday, August 24, 2012.  Our names are Leah Sullivan, MLA, Casey Breslford (Architecture), Christian Powers (5th year Architecture), and Murbarak Hauter (undergraduate architectural engineering).  We assigned certain tasks to the weekend event according to what each member could offer.  We also taught each other a wide variety of stanrds, skills, and design approaches specific to our respective fields.  Many ideas were tossed around and further analyzed, and  finally we came to a design for the entrance we all agreed upon.

The courtyard is now going to be a livable space.  The bench and the stools are designed to give students, faculty, and guest a place to sit while the Japanese Maple provides shade for the courtyard. the soft grasses and ivy were chosen to complement the rigid concrete texture.  The seats are circular, referencing the weep holes in the pavers.  The bench and the seats will be of concrete and will have a fescue sod shaped and laid in the center of each piece. The paving will be sloped at a gradual 2% towards the foundation in order for water not to stand. The ground floor will be accessible through two of the former doors, by a portion of the former stair.  The sunken garden complements the existing two other courtyards in the buildings original design, and creates an enjoyable space at the buildings west entry.


We end this day with longing eyes. It has been a long day for us and looking forward for more tomorrow. As far as the Project, we can say that time is on our side. We worked hard today and we all deserve some rest. We call it a day, at least for some of us.

Good Afternoon UT, We find the weather very pleasing this afternoon for the hunt of new ideas that can be useful for this project. Group number 62 forms around 1:45.  We are all unacquainted but quickly learn each others names.  We currently consist of three architecture undergraduates and a master's in landscape architecture.  We are Group 62,   Our goal is to make a design that will accommodate all users. We will start by studying the history of the building and what functions does it provide. This will broaden our understandings of the space and provide a service room that best suit a new purpose. From this, our team will make a design that accommodate a better results with the existing theories.